Noel Salmond, The Mahatma, the Pope, and the Planet: “Gandhian Reflections on the Pope’s Recent Letter on the Environment”

The College of the Humanities


Co-sponsored by Mahatma Gandhi Peace Council of Ottawa

This event is part of the 9th Annual Ottawa Peace Festival
The Mahatma, the Pope, and the Planet:

Gandhian Reflections on the Pope’s Recent Letter on the Environment


Prof. Noel Salmond

Carleton University


Sunday, Sept. 27, 2015

2:30 pm.

River Building,

Carleton University

In June of this year Pope Francis released a remarkable encyclical letter addressed to the people of the world. He connects the plight of the earth with the plight of the poor and calls for a new relationship with nature while warning of environmental collapse. President Obama of the United States and United Nations Secretary General Ban Ki-moon have both called the environmental threat of climate change the defining issue of the twenty-first century. For the first time in history, the Pope addresses the U.S. Congress this September ahead of the critical climate conference in Paris in early December. Focusing on the papal letter, this presentation asks the question: what would Gandhi say on the current climate crisis? It suggests he warned about the trajectory humanity was on as early as his first broadside in the liberation struggle, Hind Swaraj of 1909.



   2:30 pm                   Garlanding                                                     At Gandhi Statue

   3:00 pm                   Hymns by Parampara                                Atrium

   3:30 pm                   Talk                                                              Atrium

   4:30 pm                   Reception                                                       Atrium

Parampara is a music group led by their Guru Dr. Vinay Bhide, a renowned vocalist and exponent of classical Indian music.

Participating in vocals: Bratati Kar, Trishna Praharaj, and Kakoli Nag; accompanied by Opinder Sadana on Tabla and Sundar  Siva on Keyboard

Admission is free but kindly RSVP by email at indicating the number of persons attending


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