Green Revolving Fund Winners!

The Green Revolving Fund committee would like to thank all members of the Carleton University community for their participation and interest in the Green Revolving Fund and for submitting their project ideas.

This year, once again, we received a great response from the Carleton community. All project submissions were of a high caliber and demonstrated clear links to our sustainable programs and the aims of the fund. 

After careful consideration the following projects were selected: 

First place winner – Tennis Bubble Insulation and Conservation Project – Yolanda Junco and John Wilson 

This project aims to reduce utility and operational costs by 30 per cent (electricity, gas and maintenance), as well as change all the lighting to LED lights. 

Second place – Campus Kitchen Exhaust Retrofit – Chad McKenzie and Travis Morton 

This project will reduce the loss of conditioned air from buildings, reduce fan electrical usage through scheduling and increase safety for occupants and operators (no need for manual switch off). 

Third place – Sustainable Vacuum Pumps for Science – Tina Preseau and Peter Mosher 

The project will stop the wasting of over 1,400 cubic meters of water per year from laboratories operations. Water currently being used to create a vacuum, by a water aspirator, will be replaced by compressed air powered vacuum pumps. 

For more information on this year’s project submissions: Green Fund Projects 2015

Congratulations to all and thank you to everyone who participated. Submissions for the Green Revolving Fund are now closed until September 2016.
Tim Sullivan
Assistant Vice-President (Financial Services)
Chair, Green Revolving Fund Committee

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