Academic Air Travel and Climate Change


Academic Air Travel and Climate Change:

How Can We Move to Low-carbon Research at Carleton?


Moderated by Marie-Odile Junker (Linguistics and Language Studies)


Aviation has a disproportionately large impact on the climate system. Since 1990, CO2 emissions from international aviation have increased 83 per cent and there is no formal plan to reduce aviation emissions. Academic researchers are among the highest emitters, as a result of emissions from flying to conferences, project meetings, and fieldwork.

Questions for Discussion:

What are the forces that make us fly?

What incentives might make us fly less?

How can we address these issues at Carleton and encourage a low-carbon culture at the university?

We will examine some initiatives existing elsewhere and discuss possible initiatives for us at Carleton University.

JOIN US! Tuesday 7 February, 12 noon, 1811 Dunton Tower

Bring your lunch. We will provide cookies.

More information:

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