“Guerrilla Archiving Event” for Climate Data

from Academica Top Ten, 16 December 2016

U of T to co-host “guerrilla archiving event” to protect climate data from impending Trump presidency

This Saturday, the University of Toronto and the University of Pennsylvania are set to co-host a “guerrilla archiving event” to preserve and protect climate data from an impending Trump presidency in the US. “Access to government information is so important,” says Sam-Chin Li, a government information librarian at the University of Toronto who will be giving advice and direction for the event. “It’s really a foundation for a function of democracy. And we’re seeing all those things disappearing in front of our eyes, so how can we stand there not working?” Li adds that the threat of governments deleting information and evidence is not unfounded, as she was involved in archiving many Canada government websites whose information could have been lost under federal order in 2013.


UBC rejects divestment proposal, proposes $10 M sustainability fund

Reposted from Academia.edu. Originally published February 5, 2016

The University of British Columbia has reportedly proposed a $10 M sustainability fund instead of divesting from fossil fuel companies, despite last year’s majority vote by both UBC students and faculty in favour of fossil fuel divestment. The decision was frustrating, said UBCC350 Co-ordinator and UBC student Alex Hemingway, “what we’ve seen at UBC is two decisive referendum votes from faculty and staff in favour of divestment that the committee has chosen to ignore.” UBC Vice-president of External Relations and Communications Philip Steenkamp released a statement saying that the finance committee had concluded that divestment may not have its desired impact on climate change or corporate behaviour, and “would not be consistent with the board’s fiduciary obligation to endowment donors.” The board of governors will reportedly vote on the proposal on February 15th.